Shipping Policy

We carefully prepare and inspect each order before shipping.

Our deadlines:

  • For a custom wig the preparation time varies between 2-4 weeks. This time frame includes sewing machine production, customization and coloring of the wig.
  • Models ready for shipment are shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • Weaves and closures  are delivered within 1-2 weeks

Once your order is finalized, you will receive your package tracking number or a notification to collect it in person.  by email.

Once your order is sent to the delivery service, TEEYAH COLLECTION is no longer responsible for it (lost and/or damaged package).

For this, if possible, we strongly recommend that you opt for hand delivery.

Delivery outside the European Union

Depending on the value of your package, it may be subject to customs and/or import duties. The cost of these fees varies depending on the country, we are unfortunately unable to inform you of the exact price in advance. Do not hesitate to contact your customs office for further information.